Portland, Oregon

Columbia River Gorge

Welcome to the land of tax free! Yeah, you read it right. Tax Free Bs. Only in Oregon Beshies, my favorite state in the US. The best place to buy presents for the titas and titos of Manila. I hope that other states will implement tax free as well! My lolos and lolas said that I should slightly bite a stone every time I'm in a new place, they said it's for good luck. Unfortunately, I can't find one inside the airport. Whew! Thank God, or my reputation will be at stake.

PDX (America's Best Airport)

In fairness, can't say anything bad about PDX, the Best Airport in America for 5 consecutive years! You already Beshie. There's lots of restaurant to choose from if you get hungry and lots of restroom if you need to you, know what I mean. It has  super fast free wifi and power plugs everywhere, so don't you dare put that charger inside your check-in baggage or else, bye bye facebook and instagram. Want some free movies? Guess what, there's a mini movie theater located at concourse C, it's free Beshies. Soshal! So if you get bored staring at the window waiting for you flight, or counting how many times that Bs in front of you yawn, you know where to go and spend some alone time.

Pine Cone Yelo
If you don't have a transportation service, don't worry be happy. My friend Max Light Rail will be delighted to serve you as long as you're willing to pay. For route and schedule you can visit their website here. FYI: It's hard to find free in the US of A. #Cheapipay 

Oregon City

I'm such a lucky B! Why? Because on my first day in Portland, I get to see snow in real life. And explore a little bit of Oregon City by foot with my personal tour guide, Benny the clingy dog (may you rest in peace). I feel like I was in Narnia, everywhere I look there's snow kaloka. I can already start a Halo-halo business. LOL. 

Clackamas River
Ever since I got here I was looking forward to see where the Twilight Saga movie was filmed. My chuva chu chu was very supportive and took me to Stone Cliff Inn. Why are we here? Is this a surprise date? Unfortunately, not. Then pointed to the Clackamas River. Oh wow! Amaze-balls. The view is breathtaking and picture perfect.

Twilight Saga Movie (Stone Cliff Inn)
After admiring the view, I demanded to go back inside the car because it's freakin' cold out. But he just walked toward the forest with that big stones. Didn't know that we were at one of the twilight filming site in Portland. It's where Bella and Edward tried to MOMOL/make out. LOL. I was a little excited, excited to take pictures and pose. #firsttime

Yummy Cake at Fred Meyer

I thought our road trip was over after visiting the Twilight site. Not yet beshie, not yet! Our next stop is the famous Columbia River Gorge. Did you know that Washington State is on the other side of the River. Amazing right! Portland is just few minutes away from the land of 50 Shades of Grey. Oh Mr Grey, I'll do my best to comply! Going back. If you follow the river to the west it will take you to the Pacific Ocean. If you want a panoramic picture of the gorge, make sure to stop by at the Crown Point. Worth it Beshie!

Multnomah Falls

But wait there's more, few minutes drive from the Crown Point you'll see lots of water falls. Take Historic Columbia River Highway and tadaa 24 falls are waiting for you to be discovered as per my BFF Google. The most famous and tallest of them all is the Multnomah Falls. It has the Lord of the Ring vibe. Must be the bridge up there. Unfortunately, we were not able to go up because it's too slippery. But don't you worry Beshie because at summer time it's open to public. Not just that, this area is famous for biking, hiking and camping, oh ha. To my mountaineering friends all over the world, add this place to your bucket list. 

K Thanks Bye.

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