Give the Gift of Learning

Once again, we are humbly knocking on your kind hearts to help us donate educational books & materials to the children of Brgy. Cristo Elementary School in Donsol Sorgogon Philippines. 

Brgy. Cristo is situated 2 miles from Donsol Town. The main livelihood in this area is farming. Though Donsol is famous for Butanding/ Whale shark attraction, not all families benefited from the tourism sector. Majority are still in farming, agriculture and livestock production.

Children in this area belong to the marginalized communities or so called lower class. They do not have enough access to education and technology therefore denied the opportunity to lift them out of poverty. Due to non-fixed income, families have limited access to children’s book and other education materials. They use their hard earned money to buy food and basic necessities for survival.

With your help, we can make a difference to the lives of these children. By donating books, you can make a big impact!

Donations can be given to the ff ig:
Donsol/Legaspi: @yanleola
Manila: @iamrantabalno @itsejsantos
Cavite: @lei_sison @blithelytravelandtours
Dubai: @emjaymirasol

The donations will be distributed on May 16, 2020 to the beneficiary. There will be activities for everyone to enjoy. Volunteers are also welcome to join (at your own expense) and @blithelytravelandtours will be happy to arrange your travel. For more details, you may send us private message.

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