Celsius Restaurant

Celsius Restaurant
Location: Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center District Dubai 

On my first week in Dubai I was lucky enough to get an invite in one of the 5 star hotels to experience their international buffet. Ramadan is fast approaching and in preparation for the one month long observance, Nassima Royal Hotel hosted an Iftar Special. Who am I to say "No" to a buffet?

Dry Market
Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted with smile by one of the hotel staff at the lobby and accompanied us straight to Celsius Restaurant. My eyes were already feasting as bags full of dried fruit & nuts waiting outside the elevator. Cheat night it is!

Will you be my Dates? 
As we enter Celsius the aroma of herbs & spices filled the air, the meat section caught my eyes and I was dancing like no one is watching. I was mesmerized by the selection of food, this gem offered a variety of tasty dish that will surely satisfy one's palate. All the food are a must try from appetizer to dessert.

Bread section
 Some of my favorites are lamb Ouzi that melts in your mouth, delicious lamb kebab, and shrimp marinara. And the best part is dessert t! My very first experience of Arabian sweet was sinful as I kept on coming back at the dessert bar, and saying goodbye slowly to ketosis. Worth the cheat as my sweet cravings were satisfied. 

Arabian Dessert 
 Our dinner would not be great without the assistance of the awesome staff. They're warm, accommodating, attentive, hospitable, and provided all our needs with big smile.

K Thanks Bye. 

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