Winter Wonderland, Boise

Idaho State Capitol
Hey Beshies! I get to see Idaho in wintertime. Isn't it amazing!? It's my first time to experience snowfall and the feeling was kinda magical. To be honest it looks cool and fun in television as if you're in winter wonderland. But in reality, OMG, it was freaking cold. Two layers of jacket was not enough for a tropical girl like me. LOL

The day before my trip, my BFF already planned my 2-day vacation in her place. No time for me to rest as it is not part of her itinerary. After picking me up at the airport she took me straight to the City of Boise. I was excited at first because I was feeling warm inside her car. Thank God heater was invented.
Our first stop is The State Capitol Building, constructed between 1905-1920. While walking in the beautiful streets of Boise I was cursing repeatedly in my mind. Everywhere I look there’s frost, as if I’m inside a gigantic freezer. I can feel my bones shivering . And the wind make it worst Beshies, feels like you’re in front of a huge fan running on max level. LOL.

Freak Alley Gallery
 My BFF insisted that we should check out the famous alley full of mural paintings. Its quite a long walk for a soshalera wearing 2 inches high boots. Learn from my mistake, heels isn't for winter. No regrets even If I almost slipped and fell on my butt because the paintings are great. Though the theme is kinda creepy, the arts itself is interesting and entertaining.

Overlooking Oregon Trail
 On my second day which is also my last day, snow started falling. What better way to enjoy snow fall than admiring it while sipping a hot choco. Feels like I was in a Christmas Movie. Oh, the beauty of nature! After breakfast, my BFF insisted that we should do cross country ski together. I really wanted to decline her request because I was too lazy to get out. But then I realized that not everyone gets the opportunity to witness and experience winter.

It was a struggle at first as I lost my balance for a few times. Falling was easy but getting up requires lot of strength. It made me super tired but can't complain because we had a lot of fun. Plus the view at the cliff overlooking Oregon Trail covered in snow is priceless.

K Thanks Bye. 

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  1. As a tropical girl, I dont know how to feel about winter as well... You want to maximize the experience but you also cannot stand the cold!


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