Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ever played that "Temple Run' app in your mobile phones?  To the point that your sleeping pattern got messed up because it is so addicting. And you always make sure to earn coins before going to bed. Did you know that you can be a temple runner in real life? But without the level up or gaining coins nga lang. Instead you'll gain friends, experience, knowledge, and passport stamp LOL. Sounds amazing, noh!

Bayon Temple
The place I'm talking about is located somewhere in Asia. It's the famous Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia and considered as the largest Hindu Temple in the world. Amaze Balls! It’s where the first Tomb Raider movie was filmed. So how to get there? The fastest and easiest way is to fly directly to Siem Reap, Cambodia from anywhere in the world. Simple as that. #Boring

How did we get there? Now, that's kinda interesting story. We took the long way, Beshie. It took us 13 effin' hours and wasted an entire day sitting on a bus from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Siem Reap, Cambodia. That's what you get for being a cheap a**.  LOL. For PH passport holder, crossing the country will cost you $2 USD, so cheap, right?! But for US passport holder it's $30 USD. #Kaching-Kaching

South Gate - Angkor Thom
We were able to saved for taking the bus but wag ka, Cambodia isn't as cheap as Vietnam or Thailand. You'll feel like you're in the US of A. Aside from they're using USD currency, the prices for food and beverages are the same rate in US. You already!

Excuse the Photobomber
The only cheap in Siem Reap is the accommodation. You can get as low as $4 per night for shared room and $8 for private room. If you don't believe me, go check my friend LOL. If you're a beer lover, make sure to stay at Mad Monkey because every Tuesday they host Keg Party and they're giving free beers. In some days they host free punch and pool party. Cool, right!!

Angkor Wat
There are different ways to explore the area. First is the soshal way by renting cars with English speaking driver. Expect to pay $20-$35 USD per head. So expensive! The second option is the Cambodian style, you can rent "tuktuk", but make sure to bring that backpack of yours with lots of bottled water, portable fan and extra shirts. Because for sure you'll get wet while temple running, not with water but with your own sweat. LOL

The last one is the cheapest but requires lot of strength because it's  for sporty peeps. Not everyone can do this, only the strongest. It is also advisable for Beshies who wants to get all the vitamin D that their skin can absorb LOL. Make sure to wear those sun visor or any head cover, sun block or any sun protection, because if you don't for sure you'll be ulikba/burnt after. For only $3 per day you can rent a bicycle and explore Angkor the cheapipay way.

Temple Run
 Aside from paying for your transportation, you'll have to pay Ankgor admission. Two years ago, 1-day pass will cost you $20 USD. But this year it's $37 USD, 3-day passes cost $62 USD and 7-day passes is for $72 USD. #ripoff

There are hundreds of stone temples to visit inside Angkor. For Facebook and Instagram worthy pictures you may catch sunrise in Angkor Wat, sunset in Phnom Bakheng, and pose like Lara Croft in Ta Prohm.

Reclining Buddha at the back of Baphuon
Tips: If you only have one day to explore Angkor, don't spend too much time in one temple, so you'll have more time to check out the rest. Ladies: Pekpek shorts, and sleeveless are not allowed inside the temple. Bring wrap around skirt or pants to cover your knees.

Ladies & Gents: Wear comfy shoes with inner sole, you'll thank me later. No flip-flops please. 

Baby Monk & Me
So what are you waiting for, Beshies!  Start planning na.

K Thanks Bye.

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