Sakura in The USA

Sakura in Manteca California
 February is my favorite month of the year. Not because it's the love month, but because it is my birth month. Alam na this, I belong to the organization of kulang-kulang. This year, mother earth made it extra special. Me already! Spring came in a little early for me to witness the magic of blossoming pink trees or Sakura. Soshal!

For Sale at The Home Depot, Medford
I thought Sakura can only be seen in Japan or Taiwan during spring time (mahal pa naman papunta dun). But teh wag ka, first week of February pa lang they started blooming na. Not in Japan or Taiwan but here in The U S of A #yayamanin. I saw one at The Home Depot in Medford, Oregon. I fell in love at first glance sa price tag because it less than $50 lang LOL. Kung pwede lang kita iuwi sa Pinas, binili na kita, sigh! 

Sakura Along W Atherton Dr, Manteca
I have no idea talaga that there's a kahabaan of pink tress in Manteca near Veritas School. They belong to the group of deciduous trees, so you won't notice them during fall or winter (ugly duckling lang). If Manteca is too far from your place, don't worry be happy Beshie, there's more Sakura nagkalat in Livermore, California.

K Thanks Bye.

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