Macau, China

View from Public Bus
Ni hao! After 2 hours and 21 minutes plane ride via Cebu Pacific MNL-HKG (I gained new friends), 41 minutes train ride from HKG to Central Station via the super fast MRT (got lost at the Central underground train station, what's new?), and lastly 55 minutes Ferry ride to Macau (yey!) I arrived at my destination safe and tired. Whew, next time I should take the direct flight to Macau para less hassle.

Senado Square
Macau is the easiest part of China to visit for PH passport holder like me. There's no need to apply for visa ahead of time mga beshie, it's visa upon entry. Make sure to keep that visa slip because they no longer stamp your precious passports. It's easy to country hopping din if you're traveling in Hong Kong, it's one ferry away. Awesome, right!

Galaxy Hotel & Casino
I thought I'd be spending a lot for transportation when I get to Macau. The place is kinda soshal because of the casinos, and it's the Las Vegas of Asia duh. Aba, there's a strategy pala. Casinos offer free shuttle rides that will take you between the ferry terminal and different casinos. How would you know that it is the casino free shuttle? Easy mga Bs, it’s branded just like Philtanco or Victory liner. If your conscience can’t take it, there’s public buses naman. But make sure you have barya in your pocket pambayad, or else baka pababain ka. Tip: Most taxi drivers can't speak english.

Ruins of St. Paul with my Beshie
If you don’t know where to go naman, google maps will be happy to serve you. Just type in resto/hotels/attractions near me and tadaaaa you’ll get what you’re asking for. But wait, what if you don’t have data? Not enough anda/money for international roaming? Relax beshie, just go inside the casinos nearby because they do offer free wifi. Free bus ride na, free wifi pa, you already!! Wait, there's more. You can also connect to free wifi inside the Macau Government Tourist Office, just one tambling away from Senado Square. So you can upload that Instagram worthy picture of yours while you're in the area. Make funny videos na rin using Snapchat.

Taipa Village (walking distance from The Venetian)
Do you want free snacks too? I bet you do! I know a place mga beshie (patay gutom lang). But don’t wear your fancy heels because it’s mahaba habang lakaran. The place is famous for their beef jerky. Just pretend na your gonna buy pasalubong for your amigas. Kaliwaan ang may free samples, kaya for sure mabubusog ka. Don’t be too obvious lang mga beshie, baka makahalata si kuyang mang jejerky. BTW, it's along R. de Sao Paulo near Ruins of St. Paul's.

Egg Tart along R. de Sao Paulo
If you have enough budget, make sure to try the famous Lord's Stow egg tart . Tingin pa lang maglalaway kana. What more pa, pag natikman mo na! baka mautot ka pa lol. If you get thirsty naman, check out "ComeBuy", they offer yummy milk tea.

Chocolate Keme (MGM Patisserie)
What if, kakuriputan is not your thing? The soshal/alta type that prefer to chillax in a yayamanin place with your amigas while enjoying your tea set. Well Beshie, MGM Pastry Bar is the perfect place to waste your money. Lasang mayaman na, mag aamoy mayaman kapa! Post mo agad  ang tea set nila, for sure aani ng likes sa social medias.

Apple Keme (Rossio)
Tip: Better to buy pasalubong near St. Paul's to get free jerky sample compared to Taipa Village #PambansangPG.

K Thanks Bye.

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