Lucca Winery

Location: E River Rd, Ripon, California

This is my first winery experience and the most unforgettable one as well. You might be asking, what's so special about this place? Is it the location? The service? Or the wines? It's for you to find out, Beshie!

Lucca winery offers award winning wines, no joke Beshie. I guarantee you, wine connoisseurs will agree to that. If you haven't been here make sure to add this place on your bucket list. For just $10 per head, Beshie, you can try different varieties of wines. And if you decided to buy a bottle, the wine tasting fee will be waived. Amaze balls, right!!

Barrels of Wine
FYI: No cheese board or any shared bites but offers crackers. You can bring your own snacks, if you like. Charot!

The wines that they offer are dry and not my type because I'm more into sweet wines. But because it is my first time, alam na this! It’s walwal time. Beshie and I tried all the wines that sounds appealing to our ears and taste buds. The sommelier was so knowledgeable that his suggestions makes us wanna try more. And so we did. Traydor ka kuya!

Wine Menu
A little sip of this, a little sip of that. To the point that the words moderation and self control was never existed in our life. Each of us had 4 glasses of different wines plus we shared a bottle of that deadly  Petite Sirah.

Walwalan na with Beshie
As they say, "wine and friends make a great blend". To the extent that both of you can no longer stop blending that different wines in your belly. What was planned a pa cute wine tasting ended up to walwalan. Resulted to calling the Uwak and sleeping in the bathroom all night. And a hang over that lasted not just a day but for a week.

No regrets, Beshie, because we have a crazy story to share. Wine tasting pa more!

K Thanks Bye

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