Bella Fiore Winery

Estate & Winery
Location: Bella Fiore Ln, Ashland, Oregon

During my last trip to Ashland before heading back to the PH, my Churva kept on mentioning that he wanted to visit this fancy winery with me #KiligMuch. Mag date tayo? Bet na bet.

Paintings for Sale
If you're not used to the American operating hours, keep it a habit to consult my BFF Google, it's free and no hidden charges LOL. Based on my observation, majority of the establishments here doesn’t operate the Pinoy way, so you can't just show up anytime you want. In some days they're open from noon to 4pm or 7pm, depende sa trip nila.

The winery is a few minutes drive from the City. If you're lucky enough, you might see turkey, deer, squirrel etc. on the way #TripToTheZoo. Sometimes you'll smell skunks spray din haha.

Ever since my Petite Syrah experience at the Lucca Winery (walwal night), I developed a very lite PTSD for Red wines. You might be wondering, why would I still visit winery. Well Beshie, most of the wineries offer good food din. For a PG like me, I wont say NO to that!

Award Winning Wines
My date & I celebrated my 25th Birthday #charot at this winery. Nag wine tasting kami mga Beshie. Soshal! We decided to stay at the Upper Wine Bar  so we can order something to eat while enjoying the majestic mountain view, vineyard, and the wine. A perfect place for our date night and for some quality time.

Wine Tasting Menu, Lower Pavilion
FYI: Lower Pavilion does not offer food, just wines. Upper Wine Bar is not a restaurant but offer some shared bites.
Wine & Cheese
While my date's trying his choices of wine, I can't get off my eyes from staring at the "cheese & charcuterie board". Tsalap tsalap mga Beshie. The board has cured meats, two types of cheese, olives, walnuts, figs, bell pepper, raisins, apple and bread. Love it! Just to think about it now makes me drool, ganun sya kasarap. One thing I noticed is that the portion of the cheese is a bit small compared to other wineries, jutay Beshie.

As much as I want to avoid drinking red wine, I have to impress my date. Napilitan ang lola nyo. I tried a sip or two of each of the wine, but all of it taste bland. The aroma and texture are there but it lacks flavor.  I may not be a wine expert but I can tell if it's a good wine or not.

K Thanks Bye.

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