My Christmas Wish '13

Date: December 17, 2013
Venue: Brgy. San Ramon Elementary School
Beneficiary: Students of San Ramon Elementary School

You can reach Brgy. San Ramon if you take a 45 minute boat ride from Donsol town proper. Farming their land whether owned or not is the main source of livelihood of local families. Most households live from hand to mouth. 

On daily basis, a kid would walk 30 minutes to 1 hour just to go to school. Parents would assist their children to cross rivers as the water gets 4 feet tall or even higher during rainy season.

Regular classes starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. The kids normally bring packed meals for their lunch. But due to poverty and lack of income not everyone has a healthy lunch. What's worst is some kids would pair their rice with 1PHP junkfood from a sari-sari store nearby for lunch. 

Christmas would always be special to kids so they get to eat tasty meal like spaghetti, fried chicken. They also have "monito-monita" wherein you have to a buy a gift for someone as a Secret Santa. Their contribution of 80PHP for the food would be expensive for them. That amount can be put into good use more by buying kilos of rice for their family.

Upon hearing their stories, our hearts were moved. So, we decided to make their Christmas more memorable. Happy Little Hands and friends looked for Secret Santas who will grant their wishes. We were blessed to find kind hearted and generous sponsors who were able to grant their wishes and funded their Christmas party. 

Six balikbayan boxes full of gifts and toys were shipped to Brgy. San Ramon. To our surprise, the kids were excitedly waiting at the port. From San Ramon port it takes 30 minutes by foot to the school. The older students didn't mind the weight of the boxes as they carried it happily. Almost half of them including parents walked with them and can't hide their joy to see what's inside these boxes. 

Everyone participated in the games prepared for them as these kids are competitive too aiming for the prizes. While the kids were busy playing, the faculty members were preparing their food. The kids were delighted to see not just spaghetti and chicken but as well as hotdogs with mallows, cupcakes, juice, dessert etc. 

To wrap up the event, one by one each kid's name were called to receive gifts from their Secret Santas. All of them got what they wished for from toys to bags. They received better than what they asked for and they couldn't be any happier to feel the joy of Christmas. They felt even for once a blessing especially to those who belonged to families that has nothing at all.

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