Celsius Restaurant

Celsius Restaurant
Location: Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center District Dubai 

On my first week in Dubai I was lucky enough to get an invite in one of the 5 star hotels to experience their international buffet. Ramadan is fast approaching and in preparation for the one month long observance, Nassima Royal Hotel hosted an Iftar Special. Who am I to say "No" to a buffet?

Dry Market
Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted with smile by one of the hotel staff at the lobby and accompanied us straight to Celsius Restaurant. My eyes were already feasting as bags full of dried fruit & nuts waiting outside the elevator. Cheat night it is!

Will you be my Dates? 
As we enter Celsius the aroma of herbs & spices filled the air, the meat section caught my eyes and I was dancing like no one is watching. I was mesmerized by the selection of food, this gem offered a variety of tasty dish that will surely satisfy one's palate. All the food are a must try from appetizer to dessert.

Bread section
 Some of my favorites are lamb Ouzi that melts in your mouth, delicious lamb kebab, and shrimp marinara. And the best part is dessert t! My very first experience of Arabian sweet was sinful as I kept on coming back at the dessert bar, and saying goodbye slowly to ketosis. Worth the cheat as my sweet cravings were satisfied. 

Arabian Dessert 
 Our dinner would not be great without the assistance of the awesome staff. They're warm, accommodating, attentive, hospitable, and provided all our needs with big smile.

K Thanks Bye. 

Table Rock, Boise

Overlooking Boise
This experience marks another chapter of my life and the start of my soshal climbing journey. Back in the day the idea of hiking, climbing, or camping never excite me until my BFF and I climbed Table Rock during my last visit in Boise. It's not that I don't like outdoor activities, I just haven't connected with the right people to hike with. So when I saw my BFF's photos on top of Table Rock, I begged her to take me there. She said that this mountain offers a great view of the entire city. I couldn't agree more it's 895 feet above sea level.

the Soshal Climber
 The trail is 3.7 mile that features dead wild grass and flowers. Summer is over so what do you expect? lol. This trail is a very busy one, aside from hikers you might see bikers too. If you're lucky enough you might spot some hottie trail runners to get you motivated (wink wink). Kidding!

Reaching the summit in less than an hour was an achievement for a first time climber. Sitting on the edge of the cliff while admiring the spectacular view is the most rewarding part. Being on top of the mountain brought me piece, joy, and serenity. Breathing the fresh air healed my tired body and even my crazy and wandering mind. Felt like I meditated for more than an hour.

FYI: if you're planning to hike this beauty, don't forget to bring water to keep you hydrated. Wear hat to protect your face from the harsh sun. And toilets are available at the parking area. 

K Thanks Bye.

Winter Wonderland, Boise

Idaho State Capitol
Hey Beshies! I get to see Idaho in wintertime. Isn't it amazing!? It's my first time to experience snowfall and the feeling was kinda magical. To be honest it looks cool and fun in television as if you're in winter wonderland. But in reality, OMG, it was freaking cold. Two layers of jacket was not enough for a tropical girl like me. LOL

The day before my trip, my BFF already planned my 2-day vacation in her place. No time for me to rest as it is not part of her itinerary. After picking me up at the airport she took me straight to the City of Boise. I was excited at first because I was feeling warm inside her car. Thank God heater was invented.
Our first stop is The State Capitol Building, constructed between 1905-1920. While walking in the beautiful streets of Boise I was cursing repeatedly in my mind. Everywhere I look there’s frost, as if I’m inside a gigantic freezer. I can feel my bones shivering . And the wind make it worst Beshies, feels like you’re in front of a huge fan running on max level. LOL.

Freak Alley Gallery
 My BFF insisted that we should check out the famous alley full of mural paintings. Its quite a long walk for a soshalera wearing 2 inches high boots. Learn from my mistake, heels isn't for winter. No regrets even If I almost slipped and fell on my butt because the paintings are great. Though the theme is kinda creepy, the arts itself is interesting and entertaining.

Overlooking Oregon Trail
 On my second day which is also my last day, snow started falling. What better way to enjoy snow fall than admiring it while sipping a hot choco. Feels like I was in a Christmas Movie. Oh, the beauty of nature! After breakfast, my BFF insisted that we should do cross country ski together. I really wanted to decline her request because I was too lazy to get out. But then I realized that not everyone gets the opportunity to witness and experience winter.

It was a struggle at first as I lost my balance for a few times. Falling was easy but getting up requires lot of strength. It made me super tired but can't complain because we had a lot of fun. Plus the view at the cliff overlooking Oregon Trail covered in snow is priceless.

K Thanks Bye. 

Sa Bai Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai & Drunken Noodles
Thai Cuisine 
Location: 131st Pl, Portland, Oregon

It’s hard to find a Thai restaurant that offers authentic Thai food when you are thousand miles away from Thailand. Ever since I’ve tasted local dish cooked in the street of Khao San (famous street in Bangkok), my standard leveled up. Many claimed and tried incorporating the word “Thai” on their business but don’t get fooled and be mislead, Beshie. Because most lack the authentic flavor and aroma. In short, Thai pretenders lol.

Every time I’m in Oregon, I always crave for Pad Thai and Tom Yum. Maybe because I always remember our Thailand trip when I’m with my Churva. Weird, right? Good thing he also like eating good food. So we’re always in search for new restaurants that would please our taste buds. One time, we stumbled upon this restaurant near PDX. The place looks Thai, the crew looks Asian though not from Thailand. I guess that's okay. I've learned it the hard way that we should not judge the book by it's cover. But to be honest, we already set our expectations that this place might disappoint us

Tom Yum Soup & Thai Eggplant

After 20 minutes of waiting our food was served hot and steamy. We first tried the Tom Yum soup which is very appetizing just by looking at it. I was able to identify the herbs and spices used as I slowly sipped this hot and sour soup. The aroma of cooked lemongrass, crushed chili pepper and Kaffir lime leaves mixed together made me crave for more. It was so good that it gave me foodgasm in every sip.

One bite of the spicy seafood Pad Thai brings back memories from our street food experience in Bangkok. The shrimp and squid was cooked perfectly. The vegetables are tender and crunchy. I never expected that Pad Thai in the US can be this good.

Beshies, Sa Bai Thai Cuisine exceeded our expectations. So next time you're Portland make sure to visit this place.

K Thanks Bye.

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